Put the focus back on patient care

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and slack channels, and let Source automatically route every task to the right person from the start
A list of tasks with supported filters

With automatic routing and powerful filters, your team never has to search for their next task

Build custom groups and queues that fit your organization and automatically distribute work across your team. Maintain continuity of care and build strong patient relationships by routing tasks directly to a patient's care team. Ensure accountability with manual or automated task assignment.

Showing a new task that was automatically routed

Update workflows instantly when you expand your team or your offering- no engineering time required

Source scales with you. Create custom task types to fit your needs, and route them to the right team member based on skills and licensure. Handle patient requests and follow-ups seamlessly behind the scenes, delivering a frictionless patient experience every time.

Code snippet to create a taskLifecycle of a task in Source

Integrate directly into your patient experience in just a few minutes

Workflows are the core of your operation. With Source, you can easily get your whole team working in one tool and customize the experience to fit your needs.

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We'll show you how the Source platform can empower your product, engineering, and clinical teams to collaboratively build a care delivery experience that places the patient at the center of their health.