Great healthcare starts with a conversation

Engage the whole care team in a multiparty chat experience designed to get patients the help they need, when they need it

Topic-based routing gets the right message to the right team member

Leverage topics to automatically route new conversations to the most suitable member of a patient's care team. When conversations are organized by topic, not by user, everyone stays on the same page.

Assigning a task to others on the care team

Promote team-based care with every conversation

Source ensures someone is always accountable for responding to a patient's message, and with automatic routing, team members can easily hand off conversations. Internal comments maintain context when a thread is reassigned to a new team member to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Integrate directly into your patient experience in just a few minutes

Asynchronous care is just a step away with secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging that is embeddable directly into your own patient experience. Leverage the power of Source's thread-based messaging experience without sending patients to another portal.

Ready to get started?

We'll show you how the Source platform can empower your product, engineering, and clinical teams to collaboratively build a care delivery experience that places the patient at the center of their health.