November 5, 2022

The Virtual Care Playbook

Regardless of whether or not you have a background in healthcare, if you’re thinking about starting (or have started) a virtual care company, you’re probably learning that digital health comes with its own unique set of challenges. Many parts of the market, like the regulatory landscape, or questions about how (or if) virtual health services should be reimbursed, are constantly evolving. These changes bring opportunities for both incumbents and new entrants. While there’s no “secret sauce” for success, there are common decisions that all virtual care companies have to make. 

In this nine-part series, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting your virtual care company up and running. From the nuts and bolts (like setting up legal entities and credentialing providers) to the exciting parts (like how to build engaging, valuable experiences for patients and providers), these articles are designed to provide both tactical advice as well as general frameworks to support your decision-making. 

Check out our posts on: 

  1. Setting up your legal entities 
  2. Designing your Care Team
  3. Recruiting Providers
  4. The Tech Stack for Virtual Care
  5. Credentialing Providers
  6. Licensing Providers
  7. Go to Market Business Models*
  8. Getting in-network with health insurers*
  9. Measuring, Optimizing, and Improving you care model*

*coming soon!

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