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Take complete control of the patient and provider experience, without rebuilding the whole stack to get there. Source is designed to help you build quickly, launch securely, and scale flexibly.
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Build on the first platform designed for the needs of virtual care

Source is a unified software platform built to help build, launch, and scale virtual care businesses. Our suite of APIs power experiences that connect your patients with their care team, and automate the operational work to make it happen.
Deliver rich experiences for both
asynchronous and synchronous visits in a single interface
Distribute patients automatically
based on your team's licenses on our secure platform
Collect and organize richly structured clinical health data and track it over time
Customize our clinical interface with plugins or build entirely unique experiences on our APIs

Support every team member under a single platform

Designed from the ground up to support team-based care delivery, Source fully embraces multi-disciplinary care teams throughout the platform
Create custom groups for clinical specialties or patient preferences to enable skill-based routing
Assign tasks, conversations, and appointments based on a patient's care team in one click
Scale your care team with new roles, licensure types, and groups without additional engineering investment
Patient care teamAssigning a task to others on the care team

Deliver nationwide care, safely and securely

Source comes out of the box with support for patients in multiple time zones, providers with varying licensure across the country, and everything else you need to deliver care virtually
Book appointments across any time zone to avoid confusion for your patients and care teams
Ensure compliance with automatic license requirements and checks directly at the point of care
Warn providers of possible conflicts when interacting with patients outside of their licensed areas
Booking an appointment across time zonesAlert showing that the current user is licensed in the patient's state

Design the ideal experience for your care delivery model

Source's flexible interface gives you control over the experience your care team receives. Start with our out-of-the-box offering, and adjust as your needs evolve
Build completely custom plugins and embed them directly into your provider experience, eliminating app switching
Query, modify, and react to structured data with the most powerful and simple APIs in healthcare
Focus on the pieces that make your care model unique, instead of rebuilding the same common infrastructure
Source platform interfaceCustom application built in Source

A complete toolkit, designed with your needs in mind

We've rethought every part of the healthcare tech stack with a focus on removing administrative and operational overhead, enabling product teams to move faster, and care providers to spend more time with patients

Care Teams
Create custom care teams for every patient that make it easy to assign tasks or route appointments
Communicate with patients on a messaging experience that fits directly into your patient experience
Create and track tasks, automatically route based on a patient's needs, and ensure full accountability
Schedule appointments across any time zone whether they're in person, online, or both
Licensure Checks
Ensure you're compliant with local regulations by confirming provider licenses at the point of care
Automatic Routing
Eliminate operational work by automatically routing items to the most suitable care provider
Video Calls
Instantly generate video visits for appointments with no separate software or accounts to manage
Create groups of teammates to automatically disitribute work and route efficiently

and so much more...

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