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The platform for digital health

Product, engineering, and clinical teams of all sizes use Source products and APIs to deliver smarter, digitally-enabled care experiences for every patient at a fraction of the typical cost.

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Source is a unified software platform built for digital care delivery

We make it easy to build digital health experiences centered around the patient. Our products and APIs enable healthcare teams to quickly onboard patients, efficiently coordinate care, securely capture data, and accomplish everything in between.

Source for clinical operations teams

Enable collaborative, team-based care delivery at scale

We've built Source from the ground up to support the teams behind patient-centered care. Because building quality care experiences takes a village.

Care Teams
Easily create shared multi-specialty teams, build individualized teams for each patient, or both, to enable truly personalized care experiences for everyone
Task Routing
Automatically route tasks and appointments to the most applicable member of your team, ensuring patients are receiving care from the right person at the right time
Gain visibility into outstanding tasks, view organization-level quality and performance metrics, and ensure operations are flowing seamlessly at a glance
Source for product teams

Ship engaging digital health experiences, fast

Our platform supports some of the most common building blocks for creating digitally-enabled experiences, so you can focus your time on the things that make your care delivery unique.

Quickly launch and customize intake forms and questionnaires that securely capture structured patient health information directly in your own patient portal
Easily ship secure, HIPAA-compliant provider messaging experiences with assignment, status management, and more without sending patients to a third party
Promote accountability and reduce care gaps with a powerful task management system that is designed for multi-specialty care teams delivering virtual care
Source for engineering teams

Build your healthcare brand on our easy-to-use APIs

We spend our time designing the simplest abstractions for creating health care experiences so you don't need to spend months stitching systems together

Rest APIs
Build quickly on simple APIs that abstract away the most common issues in healthcare, from onboarding patients to routing tasks across your care team
Subscribe to be notified in realtime whenever an event occurs in Source, so you can build truly realtime, reactive patient experiences in a snap
Official SDKs
Make type-safe API calls in just a few lines of code or leverage Elements, our React SDK with pre-built components for patient communications, intake, and more
Why Source

We're building the platform that connects care providers with the people who need them most

Source enables product leaders, engineers, and clinicians to collaborate on building healthcare experiences that place the patient at the center. We believe that technology has the potential to reduce administrative overhead and augment the people who deliver care every day. Our team of experts brings experience from industry-leading healthcare brands like Ro, Flatiron, TrialSpark, Epic, and Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Engineered for quality
From automatic rerouting to thorough reporting and events, we've designed our platform to ensure patients never fall through the cracks.
Constantly improving
We regularly ship new features and improvements that help you deliver better care and stay ahead of the competition. All without compromising quality.
Easy to use
From a simple REST API to an intuitive clinical frontend, we strive to make building healthcare experiences easier for everyone involved.
Infinitely customizable
Our platform sits on a fully programmable foundation, allowing you to leverage Source without giving up your own brand experience.

Let's bring back the human side of health

We'll show you how the Source platform can empower your product, engineering, and clinical teams to collaboratively build a care delivery experience that places the patient at the center of their health.